Toy Unboxing Videos on YouTube

Growing up in our days was simple. There were no smartphones, laptops or iPad. Kids born in this digital era have already outgrown watching regular Television shows. With the new generation, most kids have access to iPad. They browse and watch video channels on YouTube most of the time. There are just about three YouTube Channels that kids love to watch. These are, the normal TV shows, the educational shows, and the newest adetion is the toy unboxing videos.

Some of the popular toy unboxing channels include the Disney Collector. The Disney Collector was first introduced on YouTube in 2011. The toy unboxing channel picked and gained popularity in the last two years. Toy unboxing channels on YouTube have managed to attract millions of views on every video and close to 100,000 subscribers.

What really are Toy Unboxing Videos?

Toy Unboxing videos most often than not, show a pair of hands unboxing a wrapped gift box in front of the camera. Sometimes the video is done with some background musing, while other times there is a person talking. This simply entertains most kids who will spend hours on their iPad or laptops watching toys being unboxed. Just like the thrill of opening up their own gift on Christmas morning, kids love the feeling of satisfaction that comes with unboxing toys.

According to a recent study, kids have not really fully developed their self-reflection. Watching toys being unboxed by another person on YouTube, actually gives them the thrill as though they were opening the gift box themselves. Children feel entertained to see some of their favorite toys unboxed in the toy unboxing videos on YouTube.

Toy unboxing videos are uploaded in hundreds of thousands by people all over the world. It is not only meant for entertainment, but also popular unboxers make money from uploading the videos on YouTube. Some people earn up to $2- $4 dollars for every 1000 views. To make a good toy unboxing video that will attract viewers and keep them glued to your channel, it needs to be long enough and pretty interesting to watch.

The primary audience that is targeted by most unboxing channels is children. Toy unboxing video makers use relatively bright colors and other tactics like playing some catchy music to lure kids to the channel. Any kid enjoys the thrill that is associated with tearing open toy gift boxes, be it on Christmas or on their birthdays.

Some parents take toy unboxing videos and post them on YouTube just for fun and to show off their new purchases. Other parents who cannot afford all the toys subscribe to toy unboxing channels on YouTube just so their kids can watch and fantasize. The flooding of toy unboxing channels by children simply proves that most kids seem to enjoy the suspense, and can hardly wait to see what awaits underneath the gift wrapper.

In a nutshell, most toy companies are raking millions out of YouTube toy unboxing channels. They even offer free shipping on some of the toys and allow toy unboxing channels that have millions of subscribers to use them for their video shots.


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Toys, Toys, Toys!

This holiday season, one of the biggest categories of toys that kids will want is from major media franchise. This is not just the Disney Channel or Disney movies. It also includes age-old favorites such as GI Joe and Star Wars. The great thing about these gifts is that you will already gauge the reaction of your children from whether they enjoyed watching the shows or movies. This is what makes this category appealing for the parent who is looking to get the right gift. However, there are some downsides. In a way, you pay for the convenience of knowing that your child will be happy with your pick. The simple fact is that name brand toys will often cost more than a generic item. However, there is good news this year since many retailers like Toys R’Us are aggressively cutting prices to make these toys sellable. Here are some great holiday gift options for franchise merchandise.

Star Wars is already an iconic brand with six movies and countless toys, books, and video games. It is becoming its universe. One good thing about getting toys related to Star Wars is that the brand has managed to become fresh for each new generation of little boys. It also innovates and branches out. You no longer have the model ships and figurines that you probably had as a child. You can now get Lego’s kits. Video games, and other toys ties to the franchise. Star Wars has even taken advantage of cutting edge technology with its Yoda force trainer which allows kids to control the game with their mind using state of the art sensors.

Disney has several popular brands that are becoming hot toys this year. The most famous are Hannah Montana doll’s and gear as well as the Disney princess collection. Girls of any age will want to have items from this collection. Disney princesses are also getting a huge boost from the release of The Princess and the Frog this December. The movie is getting a lot of press for its good reviews and its groundbreaking princess. So if your daughter hasn’t shown interest is prepared for her pleas after she sees the movie.

Another popular brand that has come back to the forefront is GI Joe. The toy line is already iconic have a history as old as another famous toy, Barbie. However, the line is getting new characters for figurines as well model vehicles and possible a couple of video games titles. So look to find some exciting toys that your child is interested in especially if you took him to see the movie.

Transformers are once again likely to be high on many little boys’ wish lists. This is another popular franchise that has only gotten better with the release of Transformers two last summer. Aside from the popular transforming toys there are now other accessories such as helmets, toy weapons, and of course video games. So it would be prudent to get items from this line if your son, nephew, or grandson has shown some interest.

Something extra that you can do for you kids this Christmas is to have them receive a letter from Santa. You can order them from online vendors for a decent price and personalize them. They also come with an authentic Santa signature and North Pole postmark. This is a great way to make Christmas magical for your children.


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Hot Wheels

A Hot Wheel car is a great idea for a gift for any child, or adult for that matter. Children of all ages love these neat little toys. They have been around for years and years, and continue to improve, and more and more people are choosing to get them for their children. They are also commonly collected by adults. They are especially popular among young boys. There are more and more accessories and things that are being invented to go along with this timeless classic toy. If you ever have doubt when it comes to a gift for a boy, then you should consider getting them some Hot Wheels toy.

There are many different Hot Wheel car sets to choose from. Some of them come with just the cars, while others come with a lot of the accessories. When it comes to finding a great set, there are so many to choose from. Adults and children alike collect both the cars and the accessories; however, the accessories are not as popular of a collector’s item as the traditional Hot Wheel car. There are cars of all different colors and styles available. You name the car, and there is a type of Hot Wheels toy that matches it.

Some of the many accessories include ramps, garages, tracks and other types of accessories. There are even some Hot Wheel car toys out there that change color with different temperatures of water. Children become more and more fascinated with the changes that are being made to these great toys. While there are a lot of innovative steps being taken to the toys, there is still a lot to say for the original cars. They are a timeless classic toy that will be a hit for many years to come. Getting back to the basics is something that most kids need to learn how to do.

Hot Wheels Cars are as much a part of growing up as TV, and if you are in your forty’s you will know what I mean. Early Red lines were copies of popular car models of the era and were thus ingrained into the American culture. In fact 9 of the cars were fashioned after cars of that era, and the other seven were more like exhibit cars.

Red lines didn’t just rely on red tires to grab the public attention. An example of this would be brightly painted colors using a metallic paint called Spectaflame paint. The many styles of the car would go on to trigger the imagination of many a young boy all over the world. Your car would arrive strikingly packaged in a blister pack with flashy colored cardboard backs.

Maybe you are someone who is trying to recapture a long-lost childhood by collecting these rare vintage early Hot Wheels. The market for collecting these cars, in general, is on the rise.

These Hot Wheel car toys allow for children to dig deep and pull out a lot of their imagination. It is a very good idea when it comes to finding ways to spark their interest while at the same time having them to use their imagination. They can race the cars, push them around, and spend hours of quiet time with them. They are a great option for most children- and there are even some that are stylish for girls. Finding great toys has never been easier.


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Blind Bags

Blind bags are one of the hottest sensations when it comes to giving children’s toys. The “blind bag” includes surprise contents, and you won’t know which toy is in the package until you open it. While not a new concept, the craze continues to capture the interest of kids around the world.

So, no matter what the occasion — a birthday, holiday, or just for fun — surprise your children with a toy blind bag, and watch their eyes light up as they open their exciting surprise gift.

What Is a Toy Blind Bag?

Toy blind bags got their start in the field of collectibles. Companies, catering to special interest groups, including miniature collectors, released products packaged in similarly marked containers. The catch was that collectors did not know what was exactly in the package. Toy companies applied the same concept to kid toys.

And while you might not know exactly what you are getting, you do have a clue as to what each bag could potentially hold. The toy company packages each blind bag with an accompanying list of what toys are available for you to find. In some cases, this list includes rare or hard-to-find toys. The toys included are controlled by the company based on how many they place in the overall group of bags found in a box.

Types of Toy Blind Bags

Toy blind bags run the gamut from toys based on favorite games, comics, cartoons, and other popular subject matter. Some of the more trendy include toy blind bags based on the Marvel and DC comic book heroes, My Little Pony cartoon, and video games such as Halo.

Other popular toy lines include Star Wars Micro Machines and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures. You can find blind bags geared to both boys and girls or bags that appeal to both genders. Some of the other bag types available include Lego, Littlest Pet Shop, and Playmobil.

Where Can You Find a Toy Blind Bag?

You can find toy blind bags at various physical retailers, including Target, Walmart, and Toys “R” Us. Just look for cardboard boxes filled with little plastic bags themed toward the toys inside. In addition to availability at brick-and-mortar stores, you can find blind bags sold at various sites online, sometimes at a discount. So, look for your favorite toys and shop to your heart’s content.

Another popular way to participate in the blind-bag phenomenon is through YouTube videos. On YouTube, blind bag enthusiasts share their love and joy of opening a blind bag, or bags, with their viewers. This makes for a very engaging experience, as both the opener and viewer get to share in the excitement and surprise of opening various toy bags. This also further drives the desire on the part of children everywhere to take part by opening bags themselves.

Involve the children in your life in the enjoyable hobby of collecting and opening toy blind bags. Opening a blind bag helps fuel their imagination and gives them a fun-filled surprise that lasts for years. Who knows, maybe the little kid inside of you would enjoy participating too.

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