Blind Bags

Blind bags are one of the hottest sensations when it comes to giving children’s toys. The “blind bag” includes surprise contents, and you won’t know which toy is in the package until you open it. While not a new concept, the craze continues to capture the interest of kids around the world.

So, no matter what the occasion — a birthday, holiday, or just for fun — surprise your children with a toy blind bag, and watch their eyes light up as they open their exciting surprise gift.

What Is a Toy Blind Bag?

Toy blind bags got their start in the field of collectibles. Companies, catering to special interest groups, including miniature collectors, released products packaged in similarly marked containers. The catch was that collectors did not know what was exactly in the package. Toy companies applied the same concept to kid toys.

And while you might not know exactly what you are getting, you do have a clue as to what each bag could potentially hold. The toy company packages each blind bag with an accompanying list of what toys are available for you to find. In some cases, this list includes rare or hard-to-find toys. The toys included are controlled by the company based on how many they place in the overall group of bags found in a box.

Types of Toy Blind Bags

Toy blind bags run the gamut from toys based on favorite games, comics, cartoons, and other popular subject matter. Some of the more trendy include toy blind bags based on the Marvel and DC comic book heroes, My Little Pony cartoon, and video games such as Halo.

Other popular toy lines include Star Wars Micro Machines and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures. You can find blind bags geared to both boys and girls or bags that appeal to both genders. Some of the other bag types available include Lego, Littlest Pet Shop, and Playmobil.

Where Can You Find a Toy Blind Bag?

You can find toy blind bags at various physical retailers, including Target, Walmart, and Toys “R” Us. Just look for cardboard boxes filled with little plastic bags themed toward the toys inside. In addition to availability at brick-and-mortar stores, you can find blind bags sold at various sites online, sometimes at a discount. So, look for your favorite toys and shop to your heart’s content.

Another popular way to participate in the blind-bag phenomenon is through YouTube videos. On YouTube, blind bag enthusiasts share their love and joy of opening a blind bag, or bags, with their viewers. This makes for a very engaging experience, as both the opener and viewer get to share in the excitement and surprise of opening various toy bags. This also further drives the desire on the part of children everywhere to take part by opening bags themselves.

Involve the children in your life in the enjoyable hobby of collecting and opening toy blind bags. Opening a blind bag helps fuel their imagination and gives them a fun-filled surprise that lasts for years. Who knows, maybe the little kid inside of you would enjoy participating too.

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