Toy Unboxing Videos on YouTube

Growing up in our days was simple. There were no smartphones, laptops or iPad. Kids born in this digital era have already outgrown watching regular Television shows. With the new generation, most kids have access to iPad. They browse and watch video channels on YouTube most of the time. There are just about three YouTube Channels that kids love to watch. These are, the normal TV shows, the educational shows, and the newest adetion is the toy unboxing videos.

Some of the popular toy unboxing channels include the Disney Collector. The Disney Collector was first introduced on YouTube in 2011. The toy unboxing channel picked and gained popularity in the last two years. Toy unboxing channels on YouTube have managed to attract millions of views on every video and close to 100,000 subscribers.

What really are Toy Unboxing Videos?

Toy Unboxing videos most often than not, show a pair of hands unboxing a wrapped gift box in front of the camera. Sometimes the video is done with some background musing, while other times there is a person talking. This simply entertains most kids who will spend hours on their iPad or laptops watching toys being unboxed. Just like the thrill of opening up their own gift on Christmas morning, kids love the feeling of satisfaction that comes with unboxing toys.

According to a recent study, kids have not really fully developed their self-reflection. Watching toys being unboxed by another person on YouTube, actually gives them the thrill as though they were opening the gift box themselves. Children feel entertained to see some of their favorite toys unboxed in the toy unboxing videos on YouTube.

Toy unboxing videos are uploaded in hundreds of thousands by people all over the world. It is not only meant for entertainment, but also popular unboxers make money from uploading the videos on YouTube. Some people earn up to $2- $4 dollars for every 1000 views. To make a good toy unboxing video that will attract viewers and keep them glued to your channel, it needs to be long enough and pretty interesting to watch.

The primary audience that is targeted by most unboxing channels is children. Toy unboxing video makers use relatively bright colors and other tactics like playing some catchy music to lure kids to the channel. Any kid enjoys the thrill that is associated with tearing open toy gift boxes, be it on Christmas or on their birthdays.

Some parents take toy unboxing videos and post them on YouTube just for fun and to show off their new purchases. Other parents who cannot afford all the toys subscribe to toy unboxing channels on YouTube just so their kids can watch and fantasize. The flooding of toy unboxing channels by children simply proves that most kids seem to enjoy the suspense, and can hardly wait to see what awaits underneath the gift wrapper.

In a nutshell, most toy companies are raking millions out of YouTube toy unboxing channels. They even offer free shipping on some of the toys and allow toy unboxing channels that have millions of subscribers to use them for their video shots.


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