Toys, Toys, Toys!

This holiday season, one of the biggest categories of toys that kids will want is from major media franchise. This is not just the Disney Channel or Disney movies. It also includes age-old favorites such as GI Joe and Star Wars. The great thing about these gifts is that you will already gauge the reaction of your children from whether they enjoyed watching the shows or movies. This is what makes this category appealing for the parent who is looking to get the right gift. However, there are some downsides. In a way, you pay for the convenience of knowing that your child will be happy with your pick. The simple fact is that name brand toys will often cost more than a generic item. However, there is good news this year since many retailers like Toys R’Us are aggressively cutting prices to make these toys sellable. Here are some great holiday gift options for franchise merchandise.

Star Wars is already an iconic brand with six movies and countless toys, books, and video games. It is becoming its universe. One good thing about getting toys related to Star Wars is that the brand has managed to become fresh for each new generation of little boys. It also innovates and branches out. You no longer have the model ships and figurines that you probably had as a child. You can now get Lego’s kits. Video games, and other toys ties to the franchise. Star Wars has even taken advantage of cutting edge technology with its Yoda force trainer which allows kids to control the game with their mind using state of the art sensors.

Disney has several popular brands that are becoming hot toys this year. The most famous are Hannah Montana doll’s and gear as well as the Disney princess collection. Girls of any age will want to have items from this collection. Disney princesses are also getting a huge boost from the release of The Princess and the Frog this December. The movie is getting a lot of press for its good reviews and its groundbreaking princess. So if your daughter hasn’t shown interest is prepared for her pleas after she sees the movie.

Another popular brand that has come back to the forefront is GI Joe. The toy line is already iconic have a history as old as another famous toy, Barbie. However, the line is getting new characters for figurines as well model vehicles and possible a couple of video games titles. So look to find some exciting toys that your child is interested in especially if you took him to see the movie.

Transformers are once again likely to be high on many little boys’ wish lists. This is another popular franchise that has only gotten better with the release of Transformers two last summer. Aside from the popular transforming toys there are now other accessories such as helmets, toy weapons, and of course video games. So it would be prudent to get items from this line if your son, nephew, or grandson has shown some interest.

Something extra that you can do for you kids this Christmas is to have them receive a letter from Santa. You can order them from online vendors for a decent price and personalize them. They also come with an authentic Santa signature and North Pole postmark. This is a great way to make Christmas magical for your children.


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